Cricket Player Discounts

The Nautilus Resort is the Place to Go for Cricketers

Two of the main sports in New Zealand are rugby and cricket, and it just so happens that the owners of the Nautilus Resort are huge cricket fans. He did in the past cricket match prediction via the site . Therefore, we offer lovely discounts to our customers if they play cricket for a club. You can find out more about these below.

We Rewarded the New Zealand Cricket Team with a Free Stay

New Zealand participated at the 2019 Cricket World Cup in England and managed to reach the finals. They took on England at Lord’s in what has been declared as one of the greatest finals of all time. Unfortunately, New Zealand finished runners-up, like they did in 2015, due to the fact that England had scored more boundaries than them in their 50 overs.

This was a cruel way for them to lose, but the whole country was extremely proud of the effort that the lads put in. We are a small country, but we always punch above our weight when it comes to rugby and cricket.

In order to try and give our cricket players a morale boost and a much-needed rest (as well as to show our appreciation for their efforts), we invited all of the squad to stay at our resort for four nights, completely free of charge.

They gleefully accepted our offer and, according to the feedback that they gave us at the end of their stay, they all had an amazing time and felt fully recuperated.

What Discounts Do We Offer Regular Cricket Players

We are fully aware that not everyone can be an international cricket star, so we also offer discounts to regular cricket players from this site. We do not care who you happen to play for or where your team is located in the world. All we care about is that you are a member of a cricket team. Show us your membership card as proof that you belong to a cricket club and you can take advantage of some great discounts.

Below is a list of discounts that we offer to our cricket playing customers:

  • 20% off the total price for our villas. This means that you could save anywhere between $144 and $245.
  • 10% off every meal that you have at our restaurant. Every time that you eat with us, show the waiter or waitress your cricket club card and they will knock 10% off the bill for you.
  • 25% off on our spa sessions. You cannot play cricket with a sore body, so we encourage all of our cricket playing customers to have a session at our spa. Once our spa therapists have finished with you, you will feel revigorated. If you listen to us and book a spa session, we will treat you to 25% off.
  • 10% off any excursions that we organise for you. We are always happy to organise excursions for our guests and we are willing to knock 10% off the price when we organise excursions for our cricket playing guests.